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Painted Ladies, LLC Serving Sioux Falls

I met the Painted Ladies a couple years ago when they were commissioned to do a big project for a sister business in Salem, SD.  I knew when I met them that the first opportunity I had to hire them would be an awesome one. 


A year later, I sold my business and bought my dream home.  My second call was to the Painted Ladies!! I’m a warm color girl and my dream home was decorated in cool colors.  They came to my “old home” and peaked at my furniture and decor, I have lots of wood in lots of different colors.  Then they came up to the new place to help me color my walls to pull everything together.   We counted 27 shades of wood.  They knew where in our home we needed a background warmth. And they knew where contracting colors would transition from one area to another.  Within a few days my home was as cozy as could be. 


Thanks Ladies! I know it was a drive, but your commitment and talent still warms me in so many ways. 

     ~ Susie

Painted Ladies, LLC Serving Sioux Falls

Fabulous job and service from The Painted Ladies! From the very beginning, they were on point. Fast, painless estimate, helping me choose the best color for my Walls and even adding texture to bare spots! They were so fast and efficient the day of painting and were clean and tidy through the whole process. If you want someone you know who will get the job done right, these are your ladies!!


     ~ Courtney

Painted Ladies, LLC Serving Sioux Falls

These ladies are the absolute best!! They truly care about your painting project and make sure that the area that they are working in is left even cleaner than when they started!! 🙌 Thanks ladies!!

      ~ CJ  Wehrkamp, Fit Body Boot Camp Sioux Falls, SD 

Painted Ladies, LLC Serving Sioux Falls

Painted Ladies did a fabulous job painting my hallway and stairway. They helped pick out great colors. They are very reasonable. Bella enjoyed the company. I think she misses you guys.


     ~ Deb

Painted Ladies, LLC Serving Sioux Falls

The Painted Ladies just finished painting my living room, hallway, and stairway. Their work is flawless! Their price was reasonable. They are neat and tidy while working. Best of all - they are spectacular at giving guidance on color choice! I can't wait to have them do my dining room and kitchen!


     ~ Sally

Painted Ladies, LLC Serving Sioux Falls

The painted ladies are amazing. 5 star all the way. We have an open staircase that now with their help is a show stopper.

     ~ Penny

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